Please note - due to the time between ticket sales and the event date and the changing nature of 8th edition, this rules pack is in draft format and subject to change until Jan 2019.


Death Before Dishonour will use a pre-set sequence of five missions which are heavily drawn from Chapter Approved 2018.  In a similar way to the well-known ETC rules pack, each mission is a blend of 1 Eternal War mission and 1 Maelstrom of War mission, with a fixed Deployment Map.

This combination of missions has been chosen to give a wide variety of games and to ensure no army type should have a clear advantage in all missions.

Open the Rulespack above to see the five missions in detail!

Army Composition

Your army must be a fully legal 2000 point Battleforged army using the most recent Warhammer 40k rules, including all Codexes, Supplements and Datasheets as published on or before the Cutoff Date of Saturday 26th January 2019

Lists will be pre-submitted by the Cutoff Date and will be viewable on Google Drive.

Your army can consist of up to three detachments, and may include duplicate detachments, however:

  • One detachment in your army must be a Battalion, Brigade or Super-Heavy Detachment and will be marked as your “Primary Detachment”.

  • Your warlord must be in your Primary Detachment

  • Your Primary Detachment determines your "Army Keywords" - which will include all Faction and Subfaction Keywords. Some examples of Army Keywords might be:







  • You will only gain Command Points from detachments which exactly match your Army Keywords.   You can take as many non-matching detachments as you like, but they will all give you a command benefit of 0 CPs. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  • If all detachments in your army have the same Army Keywords, you gain +3 CPs for being Battleforged. Otherwise, you do not gain the standard +3 CP for Battleforged.  Note that your army must still be Battleforged (i.e. all detachments must share one keyword)

There are a few exceptions to this rule - e.g. to allow Death Guard and Nurgle to fight together, or to allow Drukhari armies to take Cults and Kabals together. See the rulespack for full info and loads of examples.

Battle Brothers & Rule of Three

The “Battle Brothers” rule from the Big FAQ is NOT in effect - you may bring an IMPERIUM Supreme Command detachment with (for example) Celestine, Inquisitor Greyfax and a Custodes Shield-Captain which only share the IMPERIUM keyword.  

In this instance you would lose your 3 battleforged CPs and lose the 1 CP for the detachment not matching your Army Keywords.  You would also not get any of their faction rules, as per the standard 40k ruleset.

However, you may feel that your stunning Gathering Storm themed army could win one of the painting awards and needs these characters to work.  Or you might just think they are fun to play with and look great together. It’s your choice what to focus on.

The “rule of three” is in effect so you may only select each datasheet up to three times.  

For the avoidance of doubt, a datasheet is “the same as another datasheet” if its title is the same.  Although the datasheets may have differences due to them being sourced from different publications (e.g. rules, keywords, power level) they are counted as the same for the purpose of “rule of three”.