2: Markus, the competitor

The Markus-type are some of the most critical people to have involved in this kind of event. They see the game in a different way to most people and play at a noticeably better level.

I set my event up to appeal to painters and casuals as well as regular tournament goers. So - does his brutal meta list and competitive nature make 90% of tournament players feel like they can’t compete? But if we're not trying to win... why is it even a tournament?

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1: Who came to the tournament, and why?

While enjoying the post-tournament afterglow I realise there are many different types of 40k player - and they don’t all want to go to the same event.

In the first blog I choose 4 players who I think are very different, and start the process of asking: Why did this person come to the tournament? Did they get what they expected from it? What effect did they have on the event as a whole? And most importantly… do I want them to come back?

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